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Property Management Investment Guide


Thinking about having your property professionally managed?

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons; some have just bought their first investment property, others are on transfer and want the security of holding on to their family home.  A few are about to embark on an overseas experience; but sadly, many seek our services after a period of self-management and in need of relief.

Our aim is to maximise your return and minimise your stress!

At LJ Hooker Oamaru Rentals we are dedicated to:

•    Protecting and maximizing the value of your property

•    Attracting the best possible tenants

•    Achieving optimum market rents

•    Maximizing occupancy rate for your property

In the following pages you will find a brief overview of the services we offer and the benefits to you.  To discuss these matters further, please give us a call 03 434 2595.

Property management doesn’t cost, it pays! 


Why use a property manager?

Ask yourself these questions:

1.    Do you know for certain what the current market rents are?

2.    Are you conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986?

3.    When repairs are needed, are you getting speedy, cost competitive attention from tradespeople?

4.    Are you going to remember to check every rent payment?

5.    When tenants move out, is your property re-tenanted as quickly as it could be? 

If you answered “No” to any of these, we need to talk!


What will we do for you? 

LJ Hooker Oamaru Rentals offers a complete property management service for property investors - backed by marketing services, consistent systems and professional training, provided by one of New Zealand’s most recognised real estate brands. 

Our service includes:

•    Advertising available rental properties 

•    Highest level of vetting and selection of tenants available in New Zealand

•    Completion of Tenancy Agreements and Bond Lodgements

•    Daily reconciliation of rent payments to minimise rent arrears

•    Regular market rent reviews

•    Regular property inspections

•    Once a month rent payment paid direct to your nominated bank account

•    Payment of accounts on your behalf

•    Free rental and market appraisals to show you the current market value of your property

•    Mediation/tenancy tribunal action if required


Why choose us?

Experience - With over 20 years combined experience in the Property Management and Real Estate industries you can feel safe in the knowledge that our LJ Hooker Oamaru Rentals Team know their job and their rental market. 

Professional - We have specifically designed accounting and practice systems in place to assist the day to day running and delivery of timely, accurate and complete financial information on your property.

Training - We conduct on-going training for all staff on our systems, with renowned trainers Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf from Inspired Growth Training, Palace and Tenancy Property Services; and are always up-to-date with new industry regulations. 

Accountable - All monies are held on your behalf in a dedicated bank account and paid out to you on the first business day of the month.

Marketing - We reach the widest possible audience by marketing your property through our website, Facebook, window displays, flyers, signs and print advertising in the Oamaru Mail and network extensively with our Real Estate division.

Inspections - We conduct regular inspections of your property and keep you up-to-date with comprehensive reporting and personal contact for maintenance and general information about your property.

Selective - You can relax knowing that we partner with Tenancy Property Services and Centrix to carry out stringent credit and reference checks of every tenant prior to tenanting your property.  Tenancy Property Services and Centrix provide the highest level of background checking in New Zealand and with them we are sourcing information from all New Zealand Courts, the Tenancy Tribunal, other financial institutions and can conduct background checks in 12 countries if required.  This is to ensure that we get the best possible tenants for you.

Arrears - Our company policy is “Zero Tolerance” for arrears and with daily bank reconciliations we can act immediately on non-payment of rent.  We are proud that our rent arrears record is between 0% and 1%, whereas the industry standard is 5%.

Anonymous - We act as the buffer between you and your tenant, so your confidentiality is guaranteed. 

24 Hours - We take enquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency that may require our “on the spot” attention. 



•    No more phone calls at 3.00am

•    No more listening to excuses about un-paid rent

•    No more running around meeting tradespeople and waiting on quotes

•    No more collating invoices and receipts

•    No more checking your bank statements


•    Call us today on 03 434 2595 and let us be the key to your success

Who are we?

At LJ Hooker Oamaru Rentals, we are proud to be part of the LJ Hooker Harvey Group and have greatly benefited from the support and training that the group offers to ensure our team is able to deliver the ‘very best’ in service.

Stephen Robertson is our Director and Principal.  With over 18 years of practical Real Estate experience, multiple national and international awards, and his own property portfolio, Stephen has a wealth of knowledge of both the real estate and property management markets.  Stephen can offer you the best advice on how to manage your own portfolio and how you can have your property working for you.

Shelley Robertson is our Senior Property Manager.  Shelley was raised locally and returned 23 years ago to raise her daughter because she loves the locality of Oamaru and all it has to offer.  Shelley owns her own home and has been a landlord herself.  She has a broad knowledge of our business and understands all aspects of managing your property.

Nikita Coubrough is our Property Manager.   Nikita moved back to Oamaru in 2021 and is loving being home with her friends and family.  She has a broad knowledge of our business, having started with us as our Administrator, and understands all aspects of managing your propeJrty.

Jamie Crowder is our Business Administrator.  Originally from Christchurch, Jamie loves all that Oamaru has to offer and is looking forward to raising her family here.  Jamie is ready to assist with all the administration requirements of managing your property portfolio. 

At LJ Hooker Oamaru Rentals, we truly believe that with you on board... ‘Five Heads are Better than One’!

Call us today on 03 434 2595 to discuss our competitive rates and what we can do for you.